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Production and location services for The Netherlands

A simple hello could lead to a million things.
Location services

We have a large database of locations in The Netherlands and some in Belgium and Germany. Most locations come with a local contact, previous shooting experience, and personal connection. Think dykes, mills, historic city centres in major and small towns, museums, and of course all the typically Dutch stuff. 


In our team, we have several freelance researchers to visit local archives, (pre-)interview, people. These are all research professionals with previous experience working for media companies. Trough our contacts at many institutions and archives we have easy access to an archive or research material located in the Netherlands.

Local talent

We have a large network of media professionals, for organizing 2nd unit work, assembling a complete film crew to ENG-teams that can work together or independently from your own crew. With known and tested skills we will have a professional language correct team on standby in no time.

Travel and Accomodations

We have several good contacts with both travel agencies and hotels. Crew and cast can have some specific needs and our local knowledge is a lot better than any hotel site out there.  This means you get the local rate which is significantly less than booking through a travel website. Also, any special needs or requirements for food, security or storage are taken care off. 

Shipping and Transport

Shipping any kind of material or equipment can be done through us. Fast, secure and insured as well as competitive rates make this easy. We also maintain good relationships with rental companies, so we always get the best rates for both equipment and transportation without any hassle of deposits or bonds.

Production team

We can assemble a production team for you suited to your needs, including turnkey offices with all modern amenities to on-site production offices in a trailer or van. We can staff any shoot or production, organize local castings and location scouts, arrange meetings with government officials or just make sure your crew keeps happy and productive.

Save on travel, permits, research and equipement. An experienced production team is ready to take care of you and your crew.

Shooting abroad can be difficult, expensive and being far away from your tried and trusted network of connection can be a lonesome undertaking. Holland Fixer will be your local guide and beacon of information during pre-production.

During your stay in West-Europe we can assist and guide you with our extensive network of local and national contacts. Even after you have left, you will have a link in place to take care of any (legal) issues that might arrive.

Google is not a replacement for an experienced producer on the ground.

Finding the best locations, negotiating in native languages, prepping a production like a pro, making sure your cast and crew have a fantastic experience during your stay.

A great creative and operational advantage is created by understanding each other’s background and learning how to cope with local and foreign customs and relations

For over 20 years we have worked with almost all nationalities and cultures. We have visited many places and in return, we have shown the best Western Europe can offer in terms of talent, beauty, and creativity.

We hope you find what you are looking for.

63+ crews


And counting… That many crews of several international companies went ahead and used one or more of our services on offer. We serve cast and crews from all continents. Many of our team speaks more than one foreign language. English, Spanish, German, Italian, French, Chinese and Arabian are some of the languages we have spoken on past shoots.

Local weather

Premium service


At Holland Fixer we believe in a hollistic approach to your project. Therefor we ONLY employ people with extensive productional or directional experience on sets of all kinds of different projects. This is not our hobby, although it is not our main business. We are filmers ourselves and have regular local shoots as well. Check out for more on our crew and local shoots.

Team members

Rutger van Geelen
Producer, Director, Researcher
Bas van Gils
Camera, light and sound

People like you love Holland Fixer

We had a couple of days of shooting in The Netherlands and afterward Germany. Rutger helped with the pre-production and local research, took care of our travel arrangement and transport needs as well as a very professional local crew. All in all I can recommend Rutger for fixer jobs in The Netherlands and Germany.

John O’brien - Freemantle Australia

As a line-producer for Hallmark, I had the pleasure of working with Rutger during a feature shoot in the historical town centers and several UNESCO monuments. We would not have gotten permission to do so without him, nor would our experience be so smooth. He really knows what is needed. Heartily recommend him for any fixer/location jobs in the future.

Charles Kincare - Hallmark

We had to shoot local in West-Europe with crew and cast from mainland China. Major cultural and language barriers which Rutger took care of. We had a great time and a very nice shoot. Thank you!


Ang-lee Chen - HunanTV


Location photos in our archive


Media contacts in our mailing list

A fixer is a local contact for a film or television crew that is part producer, part local, part translator, part mediator, part negotiator. Think you have what it takes, and do you speak at least two foreign languages like a boss, and want to join forces?

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